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ITT Interconnect Solutions is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of connectors and interconnect systems.  Today, we continue to innovate on behalf of thousands of customers worldwide. We are known globally for our highly regarded product brands, Cannon, BIW Connector Systems and VEAM.


In 2015 Cannon celebrates 100 years as a leader in electronic connectors and interconnect systems. Today, whether delivering critical specs to aircraft pilots, streaming data through communications satellites or giving expectant parents a first look at their unborn children, Cannon continues to connect the world’s most important information with those who need it.

BIW Connectors Systems power the oil and gas pumps in wells on frozen tundras, in sun-bleached deserts and at the bottom of oceans, keeping workers and environments safe and global economies running 24-hours a day.

In an increasingly global economy, getting from Point A to Point B on time and on budget is more important than ever; VEAM connectors protect the world’s products and people in transit so they can get to where they’re going.


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Watch our brand video
Because amazing things happen when great things connect!
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A century of Innovation

Cannon 100
Celebrating 100 years of Amazing connections.
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